Two Orchids at Tar Hollow

Yesterday I spent the day at Tar Hollow State Park. A good chunk of that time was spent walking the wrong way towards where I thought my car was parked and then subsequently realizing my mistake and backtracking a few miles, but the rest of the time I was looking for the Large Whorled PogoniaContinue reading “Two Orchids at Tar Hollow”

Edge of Appalachia State Nature Preserve: Worth the Drive

I have wanted to visit Edge of Appalachia State Nature Preserve since shortly after I moved to Ohio and I found out many cool plants occur there, such as Red paintbrush (Castilleja coccinea) and Dwarf larkspur (Delphinium tricorne). Last weekend I drove the 2 hours to the border of Ohio and Kentucky to see whatContinue reading “Edge of Appalachia State Nature Preserve: Worth the Drive”

A tale of four Trilliums

Spring is in full swing here in Ohio and I have been lucky enough to find four of the eight or so species of Trillium which occur here in Ohio. Trillium were once placed in the lily family, Liliaceae, until molecular work showed this family as problematic and taxonomists decided to break it up intoContinue reading “A tale of four Trilliums”